Posted on August 9, 2011


Download the highly anticipated debut mixtape “The Bread Factory” Here!!!

Download Links:

With features such as:
BennyBizzie, Skribz, JC, Levelle, Young Kingz, Fire Camp, Leeman,
GraceFleary, the talented Bread boys.

Hailing from North London, the duo
specialize in UK rap and have a rapidly growing fan base. Appealing to both
underground and mainstream audiences, they cover many relevant subjects
while delivering them in a way that appeals to all ages. Their music
contains memorable melodies accompanied by smart punch lines that are easy
to take in and relate to, making them commercially viable whilst still
having an urban edge.

The Bread boys have been perfecting their sound for
over two years and have also had experience working in studios alone, so
the two are not only experienced lyricists but they are also extremely
capable sound engineers.

The duo have had various songs on regular
rotation on radio stations such as Rinse and Manic FM. They have most
recently performed at ” Young London ” in Farringdon in February of 2011
and received an excellent response. Not only that, but Bread boys have also
headlined with successful UK artists such as Bashy, Wretch 32 and
The Bread boys’ aim is to reach the biggest audience possible
through radio play, by creating music videos, performing on stage and
through internet advertising. They aim to make a household name for
themselves all over the UK and then worldwide. The two wish to make Bread
boys a name that people instantly recognize and associate with good


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